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At jewelryfto, we hold our jewelry to a higher standard. Because the best investment you can make is in yourself – and our planet.
Since our founding in 2013, we’ve worked to elevate the everyday of people around the world with Earth-friendly jewelry that lasts. We continue to challenge the jewelry industry by bridging the gap between quality, accessibility, and sustainability. We craft our jewelry to stand the test of time, making sure you know how and where your pieces were made, and guarantee your purchase stays within your budget. Our designs are timeless. Our quality is unmatched. And our commitment to the environment never wavers.

Our brand FTOC and stand for [ Factory To Customer]- We sell direct from the factory to the customer and cut out the middleman.

What sets us apart:

Factory Direct Pricing: Enjoy 100% factory prices, primarily ranging from US$1 to US$10, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

Efficient Delivery: Experience swift and reliable 3-10 days delivery, ensuring your products reach you in a timely manner.

No Minimum Order Quantity: We value every order, and there is no minimum order requirement, allowing you the flexibility to choose according to your needs.

Secure Transactions: Choose from multiple safe payment methods, ensuring a secure and seamless shopping experience.

Diverse Shipping Solutions: Benefit from multiple shipping options, including ocean shipping, express delivery (DHL, UPS, FEDEX), and postal service, providing flexibility tailored to your preferences.

Free Shipping Zone: Avail yourself of our Free Shipping Zone on our website, making your favorite products even more accessible with free and faster shipping.

Our Mission:

At Fashion Jewelry Factory Outlet, we aim to be your most reliable supplier, streamlining your procurement process. Our goal is to facilitate a comprehensive purchase experience, allowing you to acquire all your goods in a single transaction without the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers in batches.

Explore our Wholesale Categories:

Wholesale Jewelry: Choose from an extensive selection of the most popular stainless steel jewelry, gold-plated jewelry, silver jewelry, and more, with over 10,000 styles to complement your inventory.

Wholesale Bags: Stay on-trend with our vast collection of women’s bags, including handbags, crossbody bags, party bags, wallets, and more. Discover new products regularly to keep your offerings fresh and exciting.

Wholesale Women’s Clothing: Elevate your fashion retail with our trendy women’s apparel, featuring dresses, tops, blouses, swimwear, and more. Stay current with the latest styles tailored to the season and occasion, all at affordable prices.

Special offers jewelry wholesale price. Better choices, best price. Free shipping worldwide over $30.

Accessories are more than mere fashion enhancers. They go beyond being a statement of identity or a tool for making an impression. At their core, accessories have the power to empower lives, especially when they are consciously crafted pieces of jewelry.

At jewelryfto.com – Fashion jewelry factory, we believe in the profound influence of the world’s energy on our life experiences. Our collection of consciously made accessories serves as a conduit to align your intentions with the right energy. The result? Your intentions begin to materialize into reality.

jewelryfto.com – Fashion jewelry factory : Live in the Moment Fashion

Our mission at jewelryfto.com – Fashion jewelry factory is to alleviate your worries about the future, allowing you to embrace and relish the present moment. Through spiritual items charged with healing, abundance, love, or protection energy, we aim to fulfill your intentions, enabling you to focus on the now and savor every moment.

About Our Items

Each item in our collection is carefully selected for its spiritual charge, aligned with beneficial energies that match your intentions. Our range includes accessories known to attract wealth, promote good health, inspire love, and provide protection.

When you align your intentions with our accessories, the vibrations of your desires are amplified. This transformative experience alters how you perceive and experience life. Try our spiritual jewelry collection to envelop yourself in positive energy that aids in manifesting your desires.


Where to Find Us – Fashion jewelry factory Guangzhou

Shop conveniently online with us 24/7! While our company is based in Guangzhou China, our global team operates from various locations, ensuring top-notch service. Our modern work structure enables remote operations, and we take pride in our dedication, even answering emails during unconventional hours.

Why Shop with Us?

Unparalleled Quality: We curate and sell handpicked, premium products.
Price Match Guaranteed: Discover a better deal, and we won’t just match it; we’ll beat it!
Secure Checkout: Your information is safeguarded with state-of-the-art 128-bit encryption.
Fast Shipping: Enjoy free worldwide shipping!
Excellent Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority. We want you to relish every moment spent with us.
How to Contact Us

Email: bkggss@hotmail.com

Add: 2th Floor, ARAapM Times International Mall, No. 77, Zhanqian First Street, Zhanqian Rd, Liwan District , Guangzhou, China

Have questions? We’re here to chat! Explore all our contact options here. Your queries and concerns are welcomed anytime.

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